About Aaron

Aaron has enjoyed a diverse career in the music industry, from instrumental session work, engineering and production, to original musical scoring for television and film. A graduate of Berklee College, he began his studio career with stints at Elias Arts and Right Track Studios in New York City. Moving to Los Angeles, Aaron honed his technical skills working on albums for a diverse range of artists including Dave Koz, Britney Spears, Matchbox 20 and Rod Stewart. With his appointment to Chief Engineer at LA’s famed Icon Studios, Aaron was able to continue refining his technical and production chops while also integrating his composing and performance skills.

A long-term collaboration with TV composer James S. Levine has resulted in contributions to numerous hit TV shows, including The Royal Pains, The Closer and Nip/Tuck, as well as featured guitar work on the scores of Ironman and Monsters vs. Aliens. Since 2003, Aaron’s association with Barefoot Music has also opened the door for contributions to the soundtracks of multiple reality TV series, including Project Runway, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, the Real Housewives series, and Work of Art. His original compositions include the title themes for both Work of Art and The Fashion Show, and he was also the primary guitarist on Rod Stewart’s Grammy-nominated Greatest American Songbook series.

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